"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war!" 

- Thunderlegs 1991

Welcome to the “One Stop” Fighting and Training Website for all your MuayThai Kickboxing Martial Arts needs. We here at THUNDERLEGS KICKBOXING & PROMOTIONS have everything here, from Personal Training, Group Fitness, Kickboxing Certified Instructors courses (Recognized World Wide), Nutrition, Fitness Programs, Pro Shop for all the latest and the very best Martial Arts Accessories and Equipment, and Athlete Management.

We also have a HUGE range of THUNDERLEGS Merchandise clothing, videos of some of the best “FIGHT ACTION” seen from around the World, including the VERY BEST of THUNDERLEGS KICKBOXING & PROMOTIONS AUSTRALIA.

This website is here for all enthusiasts of Muaythai Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jui Jutsu (BJJ), Zendokai, Wushu Kung Fu, Wrestling, Shoot Wrestling and ALL other styles of Martial Arts.

For ALL you fight enthusiasts, look no further, sit back and enjoy all the latest News, Promotions, Seminars, Nutrition Advice, Accreditation Courses, and purchase of the latest Martial Arts Equipment, Fitness Advice, Sports Massage, Kickboxing shows both old and new, Thunderlegs Merchandise, “Signed” Memorabilia and Sponsors “Specials”!

Finally, a “Special Thanks” to all my extended family, friends, members, clients, fans, sponsors and “critics” for making this all happen, as without your great contributions and support, this would all not happen.

Proudly Sponsored by Heathcote Hotel, Travelodge Hotel Bankstown, Club Punchbowl, Zett's Martial Arts Gear, Black & Blue Fashions Clothing Line, DJ LowBlow, Dream Channel Productions and R.O.R.E Entertainment Productions.

For all Accredited Seminar Instructor and Officials Training Courses, Class Session Training times and all aspects of training & nutrition, sports rehabilitation, Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapy, please contact us!

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